Thursday, June 10, 2010

Day 2: Wenatchee, WA to Colville, WA

It was a beautiful day yesterday. We started in Wenatchee where it was really warm and dry. Almost too warm – we had to stash some of the layers inside our jackets/pants to avoid overheating. The road north from Wenatchee follows the Columbia River with towering hills on either side passing thru rock outcrops and beautiful homes along the river a few hundred feet below.

We turned east to head toward Idaho and started climbing through a twisting canyon road, great fun on the bikes, up a few thousand feet. Suddenly the canyon road stopped and turned into Iowa. Seriously… one minute your climbing the mountain and the next green farmland as far as the eye can see. It went on for miles. We stopped in Wilbur, WA to get Sean another shirt. The Wilbur motto on the T-shirt in the store was: “Wilbur, WA a nice little drinking town with a farming problem.”

When we came out of Wilbur and headed north along the Spokane River it felt like God had switched the view from “standard” to “ultra-HiDef”. Incredible river valley vistas that probably would have been impossible to capture with a camera, but really made Sean and I consider buying helmet cams. Twisty roads overlooking the river valley were a lot of fun to ride. We stopped in Kettle Falls for pizza, and watched cottonwood trees provide what looked like snow drifting over the bikes.

We ended up in Colville, WA at "Benny's Colville Inn, A good place to stay." We met a group of bikers from British Columbia who come here every year "because it's dry." Found some good refreshments, and we had an early night.

We have 300 miles to go today to get to Glacier. It should be a beautiful ride.

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