Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sean In Seattle!

Sean arrived in Seattle last night and we collected his bike from the shipping company without (much) incident. He's riding a 1995 Triumph Trident 900.

We arrived at Allied Van Lines in Kent, WA around 1:00pm. They knew we were coming and I thought they'd have it unloaded and ready to go. Nope. They did have a beautiful custom Harley chopper complete with the "gorilla" bars and enough chrome to blind you sitting where they told us his bike would be. Paperwork mixup - Sean did offer to trade and got a pretty hairy eyeball from the bike's owner.

After locating the Triumph and some minor maintenance (we needed to have some kind of motorcycle maintenance factor) we got everything to the hotel. The picture above is of us and the unloaded bikes. We still haven't packed everything up and loaded it. We needed to get two more bags at REI last night, hopefully the packed up bikes do NOT resemble anything like the following:

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