Sunday, June 13, 2010

Day 4: Glacier National Park

Note: Delayed post - Lack of connectivity at Glacier and Yellowstone impacted our ability to post for a few days.

Day 4 (June 12): Glacier National Park

Since Sean and I only have about 10 days to get across the country, we only planned one non-travel day at Glacier. It was good to not pack up the bikes, even though we’re getting pretty good at it.

We decided to go on a trail ride in the morning – the first time I’ve been on a horse in 12 years, Sean longer than that. It was cool riding through the forest, eerie quiet though, and really muddy. The rain at Glacier has been pretty steady over the past few weeks, we had the best weather so far this season.

Sean: Liza was on Rex and I was on Mick (these are the horses), Rex was very noisy through much of the ride and Mick seemed concerned about something off to the right of us, as horses are prey animals perhaps it was something carnivorous. The ride was sloppy but very pretty passing through the hemlock, pine and larch forest – I pointed out “The Larch” to Liza but the Monty Python reference was lost on the guide Taylor aka “Mule”. But to be fair he spoke of a west Texas meat pie form neither of us had ever heard of before, nor apparently any of the riders that Mule had raised the question to prior.

Liz: Though next time I’m in Waco, TX I will probably be looking for strange meat pies.

After the ride we took the bikes around the lake to see if we how far we could go on Going-to-the-Sun road. Not very far as it turns out, the road is scheduled to open on June 18th. Right now the clearing process for the 60-foot snowdrifts blocking the road is ongoing. Every time they clear a drift another avalanche blocks the road again. We did get some great pictures of a moose on the side of the road - no bears though.
We spent the rest of the day just walking around taking pictures. It was a spectacular day.

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