Thursday, June 17, 2010

Day 8: Caspar, WY to Olgallala, NE

June 16th.

We actually got on the road pretty early today, we were moving by 915. Which was good since we needed to make up time. We hit I80 for about 50 miles before heading into Nebraska.

As we rode we gradually started losing altitude from 5500 feet down to around 4000. The lower we got the happier the Triumph was. The landscape started gradually changing from sage and scrubland to real farmland. The road was straight to the point that Sean and I decided we needed some kind of throttle lock to help with the hand cramps we were both getting as we rode.

We stopped in Guernsey, WY to mail some postcards (population 1072) and got a recommendation for a cycle shop in Scotts Bluff, NE. We headed over on route 26E and crossed into Nebraska around 1pm.
We found Celli's cycle shop and got the throttle locks, and admired the CanAm trikes they had. I wanted to take a demo ride but we ran out of time.

We stopped at Chimney Rock to take some pictures. Really interesting rock formations were everywhere - and rattlesnakes as well.

The whole day we spent skirting two major cold fronts that promised high winds, rain and tornadoes. Not something we wanted to deal with so we ended up taking a more circuitous route. We missed the fronts but spent the last part of the day dealing with headwinds that were gusting up to 40mph on the interstate. They were bad enough that you could see the wear on the tires when we stopped in Ogalla for the night. 330 miles today. On to Omaha and toward St. Louis tomorrow.

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  1. Hey Guys,
    I've been on a work bender and just caught-up on the past 6 days of your adventure. The scenery that you are describing sounds amazing. The pictures are beautiful. Maybe a three wheeler wouldn't have been such a bad idea after all. Ummm...2 Mile Ocean Swim, Double Diamond Ski Trails, on second thought. Look forward to reading more about your travels. Be Safe.